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60 EURO / UP

My patented Vintage khaki MN™ Straps are made from original, - new old stock - Marine Nationale elastic webbing. Webbing like this usually comes from decommissioned parachutes from the 1960's that for some reason have not been updated during their issued life. This time I managed to find some rolls of new old stock material 😃. The material is not as rigid as my other MN Straps but has loads of vintage character. These straps are available in 22 and near 23 mm (±22,9 mm) wide. Although my MN Straps are fully adjustable I tailor them to your wrist size. Each MN™ Strap is hand made to order according to your specifications. Usually it will take between 5 and 7 working days to finish your strap.

Hardware options

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All hardware is made from sea water resistant 316 stainless steel or solid marine grade bronze.
The bronze hardware is solid CuSn8 bronze - also used for a.o. Panerai watch cases - that will age and patina beautifully over time.


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I received a lot of requests for straps with military numbers like my rare Vintage 60's MN™Straps. So by popular demand…. The Issue numbers "300638-0" are hand printed on the straps appearing from under your watch in plain sight and at the buckle. The numbers are as close to the original as possible.

Custom numbers
If you prefer your own personal number I can now print them with a custom number of maximum 8 digits (1234567890-) Numbers only - no letters. Please email me your order if you want custom numbers (+20 euro).

Stitching options

Your strap will be double saddle stitched by hand with the finest French linen. Select Green if you like the stitching to be (almost) invisible or any of the other 11 colors above to personalize your MN™Strap.


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